Bread & Tulips (Pane e tulipani)

Rated PG-13 114 minutes 2001

Bored with her life, dutiful housewife Rosalba takes a sudden opportunity for freedom when she's unexpectedly separated from everyone during a family vacation. After a tour bus leaves without her, her husband and children don't notice until it is too late. Virtually penniless, she finds a place to stay in a cheap, run-down hotel and makes friends with a waiter who serves her cold food. Deciding to stay, Rosalba finds work with an elderly florist, and moves in with the waiter. The beauty of Venice, together with her new-found freedom lead her to romance and self-discovery, while her husband hires an amateur detective to track her down.

Film Credits

Director: Silvio Soldini

Writer: Silvio Soldini and Doriana Leondeff

Producer: Daniele Maggioni

Cast: Licia Maglietta, Bruno Ganz, Giuseppe Battiston, Marina Massironi, Antonio Catania, Felice Andreasi, Vitalba Andrea, Tatiana Lepore and Daniela Piperno

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