Boxing Day (2007)

Rated NR 72 minutes

A man who is trying to escape his past as a criminal must decide who he can trust in this gritty independent drama from Australia. It's the day after Christmas, and Chris (Richard Green) is an ex-convict who is waiting out the last part of his jail sentence under house arrest at the suburban home he shares with his teenage daughter Brooke (Misty Sparrow). While Chris wants to turn his back on his life of crime, his old friend Owen (Stuart Clark) isn't as determined, and tries to persuade Chris to let him stash drugs at his place. As Chris struggles to convince Owen this is a bad idea, Chris finds he has guests -- his former wife Donna (Tammy Anderson) has stopped by with her new boyfriend in tow, Dave (Syd Brisbane). After the four chat for a while, Owen takes Chris into the other room and tells him he's met Dave before -- they were both in jail, where Dave was doing time for child molestation. While Owen is an old friend, Chris isn't certain how far his word can be trusted; at the same time, shouldn't Donna know if there's reason to doubt Dave's character and good intentions? Shot in a series of long, uninterrupted takes, Boxing Day was directed by Kriv Stenders and written by Stenders and Richard Green, who also plays Chris.~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide

Film Credits

Director: Kriv Stenders

Writer: Richard Green and Kriv Stenders

Producer: Shane McNeil

Cast: Richard Green, Tammy Anderson, Syd Brisbane, Stuart Clark, Catriona Hadden and Misty Sparrow

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