Bowling with the St. Louis Rams at Tropicana Lanes, St. Louis, June 2, 2008 

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A large contingent of the St. Louis Rams made and appearance Tuesday night at Tropicana Lanes to bowl during a fund-raiser for the Epilepsy Foundation of St. Louis. Lyle Whitworth has these photos from the event.
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Rams wide receiver, Dane Looker, shakes Andrew Carr’s hand while being introduced.
The organizers of this year’s Bowl-a-RAM-a event. From left are Drew Bennett, Rams wide receiver and event co-chairman, Jeremiah Dellas, Epilepsy Foundation board chairman, Annette Barringhaus, event chairman and Will Witherspoon, Rams linebacker and event co-chairman.
Rams fans of all ages went to Tropicana Lanes to see Rams players and bowl. Shown getting some goodies from Dwane Gibson is Kirk Briden, 5.
Even NFL players had to wear the pink and neon shoes.
Rams long-snapper Chris Massey picks out the perfect bowling ball.
Cameron Hollander gets a football signed by the event co-chairman and Rams linebacker, Will Witherspoon.
Rams rookie strongside linebacker, Marc Margo, puts his feet up prior to bowling.
By Lyle Whitworth
Rams punter, Donnie Jones, bowls to benefit the Epilepsy Foundation of St. Louis.
Dane Looker and Drew Bennett high-five after a strike.
Rams rookie tight end, Doug Jones, shows his bowling form.
Martin Kilcoyne, KTVI-TV sports director, interviews event co-chairman and Rams wide receiver Drew Bennett about the Epilepsy Foundation of St. Louis and the twelfth annual Bowl-a-RAM-a event.
Rams quarterback Trent Green has a laugh with longtime fan, Lois Linton. She has not missed a game since the Rams moved to St. Louis, and here she’s describing where her seats are in the dome.
The Rams cheerleaders signed autographs.
Rams center, Brett Romberg, right, gets congratulated by his teammates after throwing a strike.
Rams wide receiver Shaine Smith, and Spencer Dallas, 3, work together and anticipates a strike.
The twelfth annual Bowl-a-RAM-a, to benefit the Epilepsy Foundation of St. Louis, gave fans an opportunity to hang with Rams players.
Eli Goldberg runs to his dad, Adam Goldberg, Rams right guard, after throwing a ball down the lane.
Will Witherspoon brought his own bowling gear.
Many Rams players went to Tropicana Lanes Tuesday evening to support the Epilepsy Foundation of St. Louis.
Rams wide receiver, Dane Looker, shakes Andrew Carr’s hand while being introduced.