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Bother of the Bride


Mozart's comic opera The Marriage of Figaro is proof positive that the wedding day is and always has been a rumbling volcano of emotion and craziness that will obliterate the happiness of everyone involved if you're not wary. Figaro, servant to Count Almaviva, is to marry his beloved Susanna. Almaviva would like to exercise his noble rights to — how should we say? — tap that ass before Figaro, and so he keeps obstructing the ceremony. The countess is none too pleased with her husband's scheme, and so conspires with Figaro and Susanna to publicly embarrass the old goat. Matters quickly escalate, and just as Almaviva tries to stop the wedding and have has his way with Susanna, an old foe of Figaro's arrives with a legal suit that can only be settled by Figaro's marriage to the old foe and a young man named Cherubino ends up in drag. Ask your married friends — this is normal wedding day stuff. Opera Theatre of Saint Louis opens its new season with The Marriage of Figaro at 8 p.m. Saturday, May 22, at the Loretto Hilton Center on Webster University's campus (130 Edgar Road; 314-961-0644 or The Marriage of Figaro is performed nine more times in repertory through Saturday, June 26. Tickets are $25 to $117.
Sat., May 22, 2010