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Boo and Boo Too

8 p.m. Friday, August 31. Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center, 3301 Lemp Avenue.


One thing you won't hear in the music of Boo and Boo Too is space. Like a jubilant, over-caffeinated hybrid of the Walkmen and Broken Social Scene, this Lawrence, Kansas, band fills its songs from start to finish with whining guitars, hammered pianos, droning bass, yelping vocals and layers of feedback like rust-flavored icing. It's music that's meant to be either absorbed or run the hell away from. Those who don't choose the latter option will be rewarded with ambitious indie rock that reaches searing highs, plus the occasional ballad, such as "You Are a Tide," from the band's new self-titled EP. It's a desperate, cathartic scream of a love song for and by twentysomethings with aggressively neglected hair.