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Bomb the Music Industry!

7 p.m. Wednesday, October 10. Creepy Crawl, 3524 Washington Boulevard.


Bomb the Music Industry! leader Jeff Rosenstock is almost inescapable within the band's albums — he is the only person who plays on existing recordings — but he crafts music with the requisite dimension and depth to make him feel like a living presence rather than a caricature, someone who comfortably inhabits rather than overwhelms, despite the forcefulness of his approach. You may have heard BtMI! described (in Rosenstock's own words) as "ska-punk," but don't expect the digestible, easily categorized nuggets that define the legions who fly the ska-punk banner. In fact, Rosenstock barely succumbs to typical hallmarks of ska or punk. When he plays something recognizable as either, he applies unconventional instrumentation that makes the original styles seem like distant, almost ethereal influences — rather than concrete boundaries.