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Bob Log III with Bebe and Serge

Saturday, April 12; Rocket Bar


When Bob Log III burst onto the touring circuit a decade ago, he was part of a demented two-piece blues outfit known as Doo Rag. Beyond the act's weird, wonderful take on the blues, you had to admire the late duo's overall aesthetic: a drummer beating out wild rhythms with little more than his sticks and a cardboard box and a guitarist running a beaten ax through a homemade speaker system made from the broken remnants of vintage 78 players. That guitarist, Log, also sang -- through a helmet with an attached vacuum hose as his microphone. (These days, a rotary telephone receiver serves the same role.)

A solo act for the past half-dozen years, Log has continued to make scuzzy blues with randy lyrics that are almost, maybe, sometimes decipherable. He's produced several records and toured on all of them, hitting the road like all good bluesmen for countless dates a year. A shrewd marketer, Log's got dozens of T-shirts, stickers, iron-on patches and a signature underwear line for sale at each gig. On record, Log may sound like a ranting madman, but in person he comes off as a near-genius performer cloaked in lunatic's garb.

Equally adept at creating a minimalist spectacle, crazed lounge duo Bebe and Serge kick off this night of pure entertainment. Realize that we're all in the joke, performers and audience, together.