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Boatloads of Speed


Why do men race? Shoot, you may as well ask why we scratch the unmentionables – it’s in the genes, baby! You can run your boat flat out and get yer jollies, but you won’t really know if your boat’s any faster than that guys’ boat unless you and him have at it. ´Course, it’s not safe to run ´n’ gun on a public lake – unless you’re at the Saint Louis Championship Grand Prix. These guys are pros and their boats are top-of-the-line Champ Boats, capable of hittin’ 100 m.p.h. in about 3 and half seconds. Raw, wet, nasty speed – gotta love that! The Grand Prix has been a St. Louis tradition for 36 years, raising money for the Lions Club and proving who’s got the fastest rig – and the steeliest nerves – every summer. The Saint Louis Championship Grand Prix starts at 12:30 p.m. Saturday and Sunday (August 4 and 5) at Creve Coeur Lake in Creve Coeur Park (2143 Creve Coeur Mill Road, Creve Coeur). More information is available at