Rated NR 74 minutes 2009

Paul Devlin follows the story of his brother, Mark Devlin PhD, as he leads a tenacious team of scientists hoping to figure out how all the galaxies formed by launching a revolutionary new telescope under a NASA high-altitude balloon. Their adventure takes them from Arctic Sweden to Inuit polar bear country in Canada, where catastrophic failure forces the team to try all over again on the desolate ice in Antarctica. No less than the understanding of the evolution and origins of our Universe is at stake on this exciting escapade that seeks to answer humankind's most basic question, How did we get here? "BLAST!" is about the crazy life of scientists. Their professional obsessions, personal and family sacrifices, and philosophical and religious questioning all give emotional resonance to a spectacular and suspenseful story of space exploration.

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Director: Paul Devlin

Writer: Emily Kagan

Producer: Paul Devlin and Claire Missanelli

Cast: Mark Devlin, Barth Netterfield, Victor Davison, Jeff Klein, Marie Rex, Gaelen Marsden, Enzo Pascale, Christopher Semisch, Matthew Truch and Danny Ball

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