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Black Tie Dynasty / Berry / Hibernauts

9 p.m. Thursday, December 14. Off Broadway (3509 Lemp Avenue).


Had Black Tie Dynasty's full-length debut, Movements, actually been released in the 1980s, John Hughes would have fallen all over himself to put their tunes in his movies. Vocalist Cory Watson's earnest yelps and distressed tenor resemble a young Ian McCulloch, a perfect match for Movements' swooning (new) romance and sparkling bombast. Think U2 ("Antarctica"), Simple Minds ("Bells") and, yes, Echo & the Bunnymen ("Tender") — although the Fort Worth, Texas, quartet stands out from other neo-wavers since these dramatic hooks brim with genuine grandeur and passion. Rounding out this strong triple bill are regional slo-core swirlgazers Berry — playing a rare area show — and jaunty, Walkmen-like indie-rockers the Hibernauts.