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Black Tie Affair

Monday, January 2; Creepy Crawl (412 North Tucker Boulevard)


Black Tie Affair is dead, long live Black Tie Affair! The California-based band that originated this apparently irresistible moniker called it quits in July, but failed to will the domain name to its Cincinnati successors. (Just backspace away the "affair" part of that address to see sweat-soaked live-show shots of the still-active group.) Black Tie Affair, midway through a tour that includes such venues as Longstreet United Methodist Church and Chapmanville West Grade School Gym, combines heartfelt wailing vocals, rapid-fire dual-guitar breakdowns and sporadic funk-bass burbles. A regional triad rounds out this bill, including windmill-kicking grinders Sassophrass!!, Florissant's teenage noise-terrorists Autumn Bleeds Red and Fenton's equally youthful metalcore merchants Ashes of Red.