Black Thursday (Les guichets du Louvre)

Rated PG 92 minutes

In Paris, in 1942, on a Thursday, the Parisian police herded together some 13,000 Jews for deportation to German territory. In this story, Paul (Christian Rist) is a teenager who tries to prevent this from happening. At first he attempts to save two elderly Jews, but they are resigned to their fate and comply with the order to assemble. For a short while, he is able to keep Jeanne (Christine Pascal) from joining them, but, after a long and strenuous day, she finally escapes from him he is too tired to chase after her.~ Clarke Fountain, All Movie Guide

Film Credits

Director: Michel Mitrani

Writer: Roger Boussinot and Albert Cossery

Cast: Christian Rist, Christine Pascal, Judith Magre, Henri Garcin, Michel Robin, Michel Auclair, Jacques Rispal, André Thorent, Alexandre Rignault and Evelyne Istria

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