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Black Diamond Heavies

9 p.m. Thursday, January 15. The Bluebird, 2706 Olive Street.



The overdriven Fender Rhodes keyboard and smoky, sandpaper rasp of singer John Wesley Myers provide the sonic backdrop for the Black Diamond Heavies' Southern-tinged, punk-influenced blues and soul. But the act stands out for its fearless — and absolutely raunchy — approach to recording. On songs like "Bidin' My Time" and "Poor Brown Sugar," the duo fills extra space with skull-rattling trash-can drums that reverberate like distant artillery shells, and a guttural vocal delivery that sounds like the microphone is attached to Myers' violently shuddering larynx. In a live setting, the Black Diamond Heavies delivers an animated show that reflects this colorful approach: At one moment, the band's songs recall a whiskey-soaked nightclub dance floor — and the next, a stirring Baptist revival.