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Bitch Please

9 p.m. Saturday, December 17. El Lenador, 3124 Cherokee Street.



El Leñador is many things: a Mexican restaurant that kept its German brew house décor intact, home of the inimitable barkeep Johnny Vegas and, on this night, bumpin' club. The lady DJs of Bitch Please come armed with graffiti, glitter and a filthy collection of wax and plastic designed to get you headed toward a night of bad decisions fueled by Stag and dancing. Expect a mix of futuristic bleeps and timeless bumps from the tables of Kristin Dennis (of synth-pop band Née) and Nina Stewart.

Home For the Holidays: The event has migrated from place to place of late, but it may have found a base at "The Woodcutter" (for the monolingual among you).