Birdwatchers (La terra degli uomini rossi)

Rated NR 108 minutes

Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil, present day. The fazenderos are leading their wealthy life in absolute boredom. They have plantations that stretch as far as the eye can see and spend their evenings in the company of the tourists who have come to watch the birds. On the borders of their land, the unrest of the Indians is growing. Forced to live on reservations, the natives have no future ahead of them, and out of despair, they often resort to suicide. It is a suicide that sparks off the rebellion. A group of Indians set up camp outside one of the properties to demand the restitution of their land. While battling with each other, the two sides do not stop studying one another. It is this very curiosity that will give way to a profound relationship between Osvaldo, a young shaman apprentice, and the daughter of a fazendero.

Film Credits

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Director: Marco Bechis

Writer: Marco Bechis and Luiz Bolognesi

Producer: Marco Bechis, Caio Gullane and Fabiano Gullane

Cast: Taiane Arce, Alicélia Batista Cabreira, Chiara Caselli, César Chedid, Temily Comar, Nelson Concianza, Eliane Juca da Silva, Fabiane Pereira da Silva, Luciane da Silva and Camila Caetano Ferreira

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