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Bird, Man!


One of the most fantastic sounds in the audible realm is the anonymous raptor shriek used in every Hanna-Barbera adventure cartoon; it signaled the beginning of a pell-mell run from aerial danger, the beginnings of a fracas with a giant bird or the arrival of Avenger, Birdman’s trusty and very literal wingman. That screech is burned into the cerebral cortex of a generation –- and that generation would probably very much like to attend the final installment of the World Bird Sanctuary’s Birds in Concert Series. At 7 p.m. in the WBS Amphitheater (125 Bald Eagle Ridge, just inside Valley Park’s Lone Elk Park; 636-225-4390, extension 0, or, live birds of prey wheel overhead while the Tyson Valley Ramblers perform on stage. If at any point one of those raptors should let loose with a full-throated Hanna-Barbera roar, do not be alarmed if a wild-eyed man in a Herculoids T-shirt returns the cry. OK, maybe you should be a little alarmed. But don’t let it detract from your enjoyment of the evening.
Thu., Aug. 30