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Bijou Blowout


The fate of the remarkable video collection of the recently shuttered Bijou Video on Delmar has been determined. Starting at 10 a.m Friday, Nov. 27, Whiz Bam! Video at 3206 S. Grand Ave. will begin selling a large portion of the assemblage at its store. The entire collection will not be put out all at once; titles will be added to replenish the bins, and the sale is expected to last about a week. "We're doing this with the full cooperation and blessing of Bijou," Whiz Bam! co-owner Geoff Kessell emphasizes. Former Bijou owner Terry Mathews asked the adventuresome video store to conduct the sale.

Although it's unfortunate that the collection will be liquidated, Kessell says that the majority of the movies will be in safe hands: "Webster University bought a lot of the classic foreign films, Wash. U. bought a lot of the classics in general, and an African-American organization got the African-American titles. We'll be selling a lot of the independent, foreign, Japanimation and Hong Kong titles." Kessell says that in addition to selling "thousands" of the titles to the public, Whiz Bam! has kept portions of the collection for its own store.

-- Randall Roberts