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Bewitched, Bedazzled and Blingin'


Shopping for your significant other is never easy, but Valentine's Day is extra rough. Expectations are high, wallets are 2012-economy-empty, and all of your good ideas were already used up on Festivus gifts. While a gift card will suffice for some occasions (it's true: ladies really do love Target), it won't cut it on V Day. What's a lover to do? For starters, pay a visit to Craft Alliance (6640 Delmar Boulevard; 314-725-1177 or for its Valentine's Day Jewelry Trunk Show. Handmade jewelry pieces by several artists including Susan Freda and Craft Alliance instructor Lisa Colby will be on display for perusal and purchase, providing an array of exceptional gifts for your under-adorned darling. The show begins today and runs through Tuesday, February 14. Admission to the gallery is free, and jewelry prices start at $40.
Jan. 31-Feb. 14, 2012