Between Me

Rated NR 28 minutes

Secrets and lies explode and backfire at a sex and love addicts meeting that goes terribly wrong. Frankie is a chronic masturbator and fantasy addict. When his wife Amanda finds his porn collection, she follows him to his secret meeting and publicly shames him. Monique, a sex addict with a dark past, meets her match - Roach, a womanizer who leads on her only to dump her just as hard. And Will and Isabelle are soon to be married. Isabelle is a self-confessed love addict who is terrified of commitment. She invites Will along to the meeting only to reveal a devastating secret. Questions of love, loyalty and truth erupt from here on in.

Film Credits

Director: Kim Farrant

Writer: Kim Farrant

Cast: Chloé Boreham, Dan Hamill, Francisco Lopez, Adrian Auld, Leone White, Amber Field and Michael Argus

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