Best Zoo Animal

Malayan sun bear

In a teen comedy cast entirely with bears from the Saint Louis Zoo, the Malayan sun bear would be the geek. The littlest bear (both at the zoo and in nature), the sun bear is pigeon-toed and funny-faced. His zooey habitat isn't even grouped with the other bears. Surely, the gorgeous brown bear will never break up with the burly grizzly and give li'l sun bear a shot. Or will she? Like many other geeks, what the sun bear lacks in physical prowess, he makes up for in personality. He's ugly, but he's cute ugly. Forehead folds give the sun bear a marvelous range of facial expressions, from bemused to curmudgeonly. And those turned-in toes might not make for nimble footwork, but they're blue fire going up a tree. Will it be enough for the Sun Bear to win the Ursa Major High School Champion's Cup -- and Brownie's heart?
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