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Roxanne Krummenacher, Practicing Yoga Studio

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Roxanne Krummenacher is a human ray of sunshine, which is a pretty useful attribute for a yoga instructor. She's got the kind of relentless positivity that makes you certain that, despite your Ben & Jerry's habit or years of indolence, you can in fact go upside-down and sideways if you only give it a shot. And if you try and fail despite her safe and straightforward guidance, she's a big proponent of laughing big about hitting your ass. Krummenacher came into the bendy arts in 1999, after having her first kid. Two years ago in July, she opened her own studio, Practicing Yoga. It's got a devoted community of yogis and classes that suit all levels of fitness and experience. Her "Fundamentals" classes for newbies are a hot ticket, and the studio is routinely filled mat-to-mat. One class a week is donation-based, and the proceeds support a local charity. If you make it through an entire class of Krummenacher's without hearing the words "love" or "awesome" (which you won't), you should probably ask her if she's OK. She'd do the same for you. 5755 Chippewa Street, St. Louis, 63109. 314-399-0491,
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