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Urban Breath Yoga

"Have you ever seen Enter the Dragon, with Bruce Lee?" instructor Jee Moon asks a class full of yogis looking to perfect their inversions. She wants everyone to think of the martial-arts star flaring his magnificent lats. The yogis need to be aware of those muscles, not for Lee's ass-kicking purposes, but in order to support themselves upside-down. Pop-culture references instead of complicated Sanskrit terms or obscure anatomy references? What a concept! Located in Dogtown, Urban Breath Yoga is a friendly place to learn, which means laughing, making mistakes and then growing. The studio offers classes to suit just about any level, from haven't-touched-the-toes-since-grade-school to watches-Mad-Men-in-a-headstand. They've got classes in Hatha yoga, as well as Ashtanga, a highly regimented style, and Kundalini yoga, a somewhat more esoteric and mystical affair. With potlucks on Fridays, donation classes in Forest Park on Sundays and all kinds of specialty workshops, Urban Breath is a real community.

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