Best Year-Round Carnival

Mr. Harry's Carnival Foods

When you step inside the kaleidoscopic, circus-tent-like space of Mr. Harry's Carnival Foods, the scent of popcorn combined with just a hint of sweetness takes you out of the suburban strip-mall setting and back to your younger days, when corn dogs were considered a food group and you ate every funnel cake you could get your hands on. Oh, yes, those were the days! When your fingers were callused from playing outside, not typing on a keyboard, and when cotton candy was a special treat at the fair, its cloying sweetness super-satisfying, cavities be damned. Mr. Harry's menu brings all of these memories (food and otherwise) rushing back so fast, you might think you've just hopped aboard the spinning Scrambler carnival ride or maybe even Momo the Monster! These childhood treats live on every day here — as do turkey legs, chili pies, barbecue eats and more — much like your memories of your younger days. Heck, when the sign on the outside of the building simply implores us to "eat," then eat and reminisce we shall.

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