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During the Industrial Revolution, textile manufacturing moved from family spinning wheels and looms to water-powered factories. Men have made their fortunes off clacking machinery and quickly assembled knitwear. Yet we still crave a human touch, the clicking needles of our mothers and grandmothers, afghans with a story, sweaters with the weight of personal dedication. The yarn store provides the inspiration that you seek, and Knitorious has a selection that will make you want to dive into a pool of soy silk yarn like a fiber-mad Scrooge McDuck. From modestly priced basics for the beginner to the razzle-dazzle tufted Muppet wool that intoxicated a new generation of knitters a few years back to sumptuous cashmere, there is truly something for everyone in this bright and well-organized shop. For the locavore, there's even a selection of super-saturated, locally dyed Dyeabolical yarns and squeezable skeins of Alpacas d'Auxvasse. Do you covet the skills of a masterful knitter or crocheter? Knitorious can teach you everything from casting on to creating little Amigurumi animals. And a wide range of both traditional and trendy pattern books provides enough guidance to put it all together...yourself.

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