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Save Normandie Golf Course

Since catching wind last year of plans to turn Normandie Golf Course into a suburban housing development, residents of the north-county neighborhoods of Bel-Nor and Greendale have waged a grass-roots protest that's as much a love-in as a call to war. Over the past year, they've voted out members of the town council thought to be sympathetic to developer Taylor-Morley Inc. They've raised thousands of dollars for a legal fight that landed in court earlier this month, with Taylor-Morley suing Bel-Nor for $6.5 million. This past spring they produced an earnest documentary about the historical and cultural significance of the 104-year-old golf club -- thought to be the oldest west of the Mississippi. (Legend has it that during its heyday in the 1930s and '40s, Normandie played host to notables such as Bob Hope, W.C. Fields and Babe Ruth.) They even wrote a song! The chorus:
Take your plans and cheap proposals, take them out the door
Don't destroy our cherished treasure, there for a hundred years or more
We don't want you, we won't have it, this is our decree
Save the eighteen holes and the trees and the valleys and the hills of Normandie!
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