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Sunrise Fitness Camp

More cheerleader than drill sergeant, Nicole Nester has a motto that goes: "Do it big or stay in bed!" Her running-intensive Sunrise Fitness Camp meets four days a week from 5:45 a.m. to 6:45 a.m. Equal parts fun and tough, Nester manages to draw 30 to 40 people to each workout, a regimen she started five years ago out of her Glendale back yard. The clinic now meets at various locations around Kirkwood and Glendale, depending on whether it's a running, calisthenics or weight-training day. Nester combines long runs and sprints with knock-yourself-out exercises using bleachers, medicine balls and push-ups (stuff she finds useful as the mother of three sons). Numerous regulars who were runner neophytes prior to Sunrise Fitness Camp have since completed both half and full marathons. What's more, Nester offers champion pricing: $80, $100 and $120 for eight-week sessions of two, three and four days, respectively.
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