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Grapevine Wines and Cheese

Are you intimidated by wine? Fear the salesperson will make you feel stupid or force you into busting your budget? Head to Grapevine Wines. Mike and Bob Gray co-own the joint, along with Mike's wife Diana, and these guys truly have a gift for helping their customers, rather than merely selling them wine. Whether you need the basics explained or want to geek out on technical details, the Brothers Gray are up to the task. It helps that Grapevine Wines has assembled a great stock with a broad scope in both geography and price; scoring a great value seems to excite the folks at Grapevine Wines even more than getting an allocation of an über-rare bottling. They also offer regular tastings at the cost of a few bucks (usually $5 to $10), which keeps out the riffraff and allows them to open a lot more bottles than the free tastings offered by other shops. It's a terrific way to expand your palate's horizons. Great people, great attitude, great values, great selection — sounds like a winner to us.

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