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Americans love wines that feature animals on the label. Penguins, kangaroos, frogs — it doesn't matter what the animal is, really, as long as the logotype is distinctive. Some of those wines are OK. A lot of them suck. But you can't blame us for being drawn toward the cute and cuddly. Wine is an intimidating subject. Have you ever tried to memorize all the different Bordeaux growths? Thankfully, the fine folks at Lafayette Square's 33 Wine Shop & Tasting Bar aren't the least bit intimidating. Knowledgeable? Absolutely. But it is the sort of knowledge expressed through deferential questions and — especially through owner Jake Hafner's legendary tasting notes in 33's menu — self-deprecating humor. Not sure what wine you want to buy? Jake or one of his assistants might offer you a sample of a wine currently being served by the glass, both as a potential purchase and as a baseline to describe other wines. Whatever you choose, you will head home with wine already at the perfect serving temperature. A small detail, but much more worthy of your attention than another gosh-darn penguin.

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