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The Wine & Cheese Place

It's really not just the Wine & Cheese Place. Properly labeled, this store is the Wine & Cheese & Pasta & Glassware & Crackers & Spreads & Olive Oil & Nuts & Gourmet Goodies & Chocolate & Liquor & Lots of Fancy Beers Place. It's along the lines of what we think of when we think "gift shop for our birthday present" or maybe "retail heaven"—but maybe that's just us. They've got 1,600 wines and 250 cheeses, so we suppose they're highlighting the obvious (though we feel the need to add, for those who agree that it's as crucial as the wine selection, that the Wine & Cheese Place carries 300 different beers, including dozens of Belgian ales in individual bottles). The staff is happy to help but not in the least bit overbearing, and will accommodate a variety of budgets without flinching. They'll also let you taste just about any cheese and whatever wine happens to be open at the moment. There are two other locations, in Rock Hill and west county; we're highlighting the Clayton store because it's the flagship and the "classroom" for Monday-evening wine classes.
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