Best Wine List in a Restaurant


Acero's wine list isn't comprehensive. Every wine offered at this fantastic new Italian restaurant hails from Italy. That's the beauty, though. Rather than force you to choose from a bewildering variety of varietals and producers, or allow you to fall back on a reliable favorite, Acero's list focuses your attention on the extraordinary diversity of Italian wine. You'll find wines you know: pinot grigio, prosecco and even Chianti. You'll find wines you've always wanted to try: super-Tuscans, amarone and Barolo. You'll find wines you might not have known existed: a cerasuolo rich with cherries, or a hidden gem from Sicily. Most bottles fall into the $50-to-$100 range, but Acero offers two dozen wines by the quartino: one-third of a bottle — the perfect size to share with that special someone. Because discovery is always better when shared.
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