Best Wine List in a Restaurant (Value)

Bud's Smokehouse & Grill

Bud's Smokehouse & Grill doesn't exactly have a wine list — unless you count the one John Nash carries with him in his head. The smokehouse is located within Starrs, and because it shares ownership, Nash is able to cut folks a deal. Starrs' wine director has one of the brightest wine minds in town, and he is more than happy to share his encyclopedic knowledge with patrons of the adjacent restaurant. If you catch him, he will happily suggest a wine pairing to go with Bud's barbecue fare as if he were a sommelier at a fine-dining restaurant. Coupled with Starrs' outstanding selection of both familiar and lesser-known varietals, diners at Bud's have a topnotch wine program at their disposal — at retail pricing. Just purchase the wine at the market and head over to the smokehouse. They'll even wave the nominal corkage fee if the bottle is over $25. Considering Starrs' already reasonable wine prices, it's one of the best in-restaurant beverage values in town.

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