Best Wine List in a Restaurant (Value)

Robust Wine Bar

Of the wine list at Robust Wine Bar, owner and sommelier Stanley Browne says, "[Our] philosophy is to appeal to everyone from the novice to the connoisseur. That's why we have an extensive list — from wines that are affordable to the Harlan Estates and Bryants and all the price points in between." While you can, if you're so inclined, drop serious coin on a bottle at Robust, you'll also find numerous excellent bottles priced under $60 (we've always been a fan of the Justin cabernet sauvignon — here the 2010 vintage is a more-than-reasonable $46), and more than a few under $30. The list is arranged intuitively, differentiated by descriptors like "Crisp," "Generous" and (of course) "Robust," rather than varietal and appellation. When it comes to value, Browne says, "It's still all about quality. That's the hardest part in finding something inexpensive, and that's what we constantly strive for. Anyone can find expensive wine that tastes good."

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