Best Wine List in a Restaurant (Value)

Duff's Restaurant

"Value" isn't the same as cheap. It's about getting quality at a fair price. Duff's offers great value that unjustifiably flies under many people's radar. The food is tasty, well prepared and reasonably priced, the atmosphere is relaxed, and the wine list is a treasure. At any given time, Duff's offers about 30 reds, 30 whites and a smattering of dessert, sparkling, half-bottle and rosé selections. This is a wine drinker's list, as opposed to one for people looking to boost their ego or compensate for their personal "shortcomings" by dropping an obscene amount of cash. Classic producers abound, rather than the latest media darlings, and a wide variety of regions are represented. The focus is on wines that (shock!) complement food, and age-worthy reds have seen time in Duff's cellar before they're put on the list. And those prices? Bottles hover at 1.5 times retail or lower; most places around town are charging two or three times retail. For those not gifted at math, that means a bottle you could get at a wine store for $30 would be about $45 at Duff's but $60 at a restaurant that marks up to double and $90 at one that screws you at triple.

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