Best Wine List in a Restaurant (Price Be Damned)


Truffles has been dazzling St. Louis oenophiles for years with its 15,000-bottle wine cellar. It has racked up so many Wine Spectator Awards for Excellence that each new recognition seems like just another day at the office. But when World of Fine Wine recently honored the Ladue eatery with its prestigious Three Star Award, that was something special. Under the direction of general manager Aleksander Jovanovic, Truffles' wine list is now officially recognized as one of the world's best. In writing about it, World of Fine Wine praised Jovanovic for putting together a comprehensive list that honors classic, established names while creating a space for lesser known estates and varietals. Most importantly, however, the publication noticed a genuine love for wine that permeates Truffles' beverage program. It's apparent not only in the fancy, high-dollar offerings, but also in the fact that Jovanovic tries to include something for every palate. It's easy to get caught up in his infectious enthusiasm. Just hope someone else is paying when the Grand Cru Burgundy starts flowing.

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