Best Wine Bargain

Charlie Gitto's

The biggest deal about going to Charlie Gitto's is that it isn't. On a Sunday in July, a person can escape the humidity and sunshine and enter a low-lit enclave that's romantic and classy. You're greeted at the door by a suit who looks genuinely happy to see you. He mentions that on Sundays, bottles of wine are half off. Or perhaps this is the reason you came, he offers, without a hint of judgment. And he's right. Sunday from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m., you can add instant indulgence to the beginning of your week and take advantage of this deal. And that's cool. They're just glad you're there. In fact, they extend you the same warmth as they extend to Don King, who happens to be sitting at the bar, ten feet away. The same they extend to the table of six older ladies who were just delivered a birthday dessert. It's not your birthday, and you sure as hell ain't the King, but the bartender has suddenly sent some glorious infused vodka over to your table. For free. You're just some schmuck here for the cheap wine deal, and look where it got you!
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