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33 Wine Shop & Tasting Bar

No, there isn't a sign. No, the website hasn't been updated — well, ever. But these details are neither indicative of sloth nor a hipster ploy. Instead, owner Jeff Stettner and his talented staff of Dylan Mosley and Mike Bianco are so focused on providing outstanding hospitality to their customers and riding herd over the 700 wines on their list that things not absolutely essential to the wine-drinking experience fall by the wayside. The result is a relaxing yet engaging opportunity to sip, contemplate or just plain drink your vino. Stemware is beautiful and always sparkling clean; the staff has a knack for appearing just when needed, yet not hovering; and, if you need a nibble, there's a nice array of cheese, cured meats and crackers to hold you over. Pricing is great, with bottles marked up just $9 over 33's very competitive "take home" prices (it is a wine shop, too), which makes 33 a great place to splurge on a spendy bottle. With such a huge selection, 33's list obviously has the bases covered, but it really shines in Stettner's areas of passion (the southern Rhône and California), although the breadth of the Spanish, Italian and German offerings is noteworthy as well. Oh, and if you've got beer-loving friends, bring them along: 33 has six taps filled with interesting beers and 100 or so bottles that receive the same doting treatment as the wine.

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