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Remy's Kitchen & Wine Bar

There are wine bars, and then there are wine bars; some austere, some brash, others outright dull. Want some fun? Remy's, a free spirit of the species, debunks the theory that serving the nectar of the gods is an inherently haughty business. Remy's offers more than 40 different wines by the glass and an impressive array of bottles from around the globe, demonstrating a good taste for the stuff. You can also indulge in flights: three small glasses of similar wines, selected to build on and complement one another. Remy's atmosphere is light and somewhat zany. Sitting at the toy-stocked bar, you get the impression that anything could happen, even a breakout game of Twister. Oh, and don't trust us -- ever. Trust Wine Spectator, though; they bestowed on Remy's an Award of Excellence in 2001.

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