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Randall's Wines & Spirits

Randall's Wine and Spirits offers 35 shelves of fun-flavored vodka to St. Louis booze consumers. "The most popular of the novelty vodkas right now is the Three Olives Tartz. It's supposed to taste like that candy, SweeTarts," one of the helpful clerks restocking bottles tells us. "The Loopy vodka by Three Olives is also selling briskly. You mix that with RumChata, the cream and cinnamon rum liqueur in the big white bottle over there, and it tastes just like the milk leftover from a bowl of Froot Loops." For those who prefer to get tipsy on fermented grape juice, a wall of 90-point-plus wine is arranged along one wall: The cheapest is a 91-point Tarima for $7.99, and the most expensive is a 93-point Quella Napa Valley red wine for $315.99. There's also a wide selection of beer, from local craft brews to Swedish imports, and in-store specials like a $3.99 bottle of Yuletide egg nog (touted, oddly enough, as "The Perfect Summer Treat").

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