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R. Ege Antiques

The art of the window display long ago lost its luster. If you're lucky, you might spot an erect mannequin nipple, but most retailers these days design Web sites instead. The window at R. Ege Antiques in Soulard, however, is a constantly evolving still-life worthy of Joseph Cornell. Owner Rick Ege creates the display by culling from his inventory, a remarkable selection of mid-century ephemera and outsider art. About once a month Ege clears the window and starts anew. For Independence Day he went patriotic with a red, white, blue and Richard Nixon theme and crammed the window with election propaganda. He has placed huge wooden letters spelling WOW in the window, has strung crystals from fishing line to look like raindrops and combined the look with vintage umbrellas. At present he's celebrating his first anniversary by arranging all of his bottle-cap sculptures in his window, each holding a balloon, with an antique wooden birthday cake in the center. One look at the window and you won't be able to resist checking out what this guy's selling. You won't be disappointed.
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