Best Whole Roast Chicken

La Tropicana Market and Café

In a society of chicken tenders and chicken wings and chicken pot pie and chicken soup and chicken nuggets and chicken strips and chicken salad and fried chicken and cold-cut deli chicken and vegetarian chicken, it's easy to lose sight of nature's true intent for chicken: whole and roasted. And nobody does nature's will better than La Tropicana Market and Café, home of the Cuban-style, rotisserie-cooked, crisp-brown-skinned, juicy-meated, cubano mojo-marinated whole roast chicken. And it's the mojo that's the secret -- a carnal explosion of spicy and sour and hot. Kick it up with a few splashes of the salsa that comes alongside then savor the rush of flavors. La Tropicana is a no-frills, cash-only spot. But if it's a Saturday night, there's likely a DJ bumping some Latino jams to complement your meal. So sit back and savor.

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