Best Whiskey Selection in a Restaurant

The Scottish Arms

Yes, you'd expect to find a decent selection of scotches at a joint called the Scottish Arms, especially when the place is owned by a Scot. That said, Alastair Nisbet's three-ring binderful of scotches tells you something special is happening here. The list runs to about 75 selections, and, with new whiskies replacing bottles as they are drained, there is always something interesting to try. Every scotch-producing region is represented in depth, and a thoughtful tasting note accompanies each entry on the list. Offerings from closed distilleries and independent bottlers and an array of well-aged whiskies and rare distillery releases draw in the whiskey lovers, while a well-composed array of ten flights of whiskies tempt both newbies and long-time scotch lovers alike. Pours are available in shot (one ounce) and dram (one and a half ounces) sizes, and prices are more than fair, making a trip to Scotland via the Arms as easy on the wallet as it is on the palate.

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