Best Wheelchair Athlete

Kerri Morgan

It's amazing that Balance Bar is the only corporate do-gooder to date to sponsor Kerri Morgan. A triathlete, a track star and the mainstay of the St. Louis Rugby Rams, Kerri "kicks it" like no other quadriplegic. By day the 32-year-old St. Joseph's Academy graduate teaches occupational therapy at Washington University. Nights and weekends she's pushing her chair all over downtown and Forest Park. Come fall and winter, Morgan is busy keeping a shine on her rep as one of the best female players in the very-male-dominated world of "murderball," a.k.a. quadriplegic rugby. She is a member of the U.S. Paralympic Quad Rugby farm squad and has been invited to try out in December for the Olympic team that will travel to Beijing in 2008. So sought-after is Morgan that, to keep faith with national coaches, she had to choose between track and rugby — and pass up a spot on the U.S. Paralympic track team. A sign, to be sure, that should she not make the cut in 2008, 2012 will be Morgan's lucky number.
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