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There's nothing like a good weekend ritual, a special place to head with the headz, to groove alongside the dude you were eyeing last week, to finally work up the nerve to chat with the girl who always stands in that corner. Weekly DJ spins are taking place all over St. Louis these days: at the Upstairs Lounge on Grand Boulevard; at the Delmar Loop's Halo Bar; at the hoppin' Miso on Meramec in Clayton; at the new Atomic Cowboy in Maplewood; at Lo, Tangerine, Rue 13, Velvet and the Living Room downtown. Each is a microscene, dedicated to a specific kind of music (usually hip-hop, electronic dance music or rock, although Papa Ray hosts a great reggae spin at the Venice Café during Friday happy hours), each with a sublimely different flavor. We love Thursday nights at Lo, where Jim K., co-owner of Revolve Records in the Loop, plays heavy-duty drum & bass; We like Joe Raglani's Thursday-night rock & roll parties at Tangerine; the Hot House Sessions' weekly Delmar gig, although not a DJ spin per se, possesses the same vibe, and it's worth an evening of your time. Also, of course, there's the "Rotund Sound System," featuring Dirt and Li'l Edit, every Sunday at the Upstairs Lounge, where they spin Sunday-night chill music (but we're more than a little biased on that one -- Li'l Edit is the RFT's "little editor"). But the best by far is "The Science," which takes place every Friday night at Blueberry Hill's Duck Room. Simulcast on KDHX (88.1 FM) from 10 p.m.-midnight, "The Science" is a weekly throwdown that showcases some of the city's best hip-hop DJs -- including Fly D-EX, DJ Solo, DJ Crucial, DJ Radic, DJ Agile 1 and DJ Grocery -- mixing it live, all night long. It's a party, it's consistently packed with an easygoing crowd and, best, they know their hip-hop and share the love.
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