Best Weekend Getaway


Why the hell did I bike here? You ask yourself as you dismount at the spot where the small sign for Augusta meets the Katy Trail. Your butt is aching from the twenty-mile ride, and the hill you've got to crest to reach town looks steeper than a half-pipe. This is gonna be worth it, right? Yes! Hoof it up through the little German town that time forgot, and park your ride at the Conservatory, a contemporary guesthouse with big bay windows and an outdoor hot tub. Aim those hydro-jets on your cranky muscles and one, two, three...exhale. Ahhhh. See? Better already. Be lazy with a book, or get back on the bike for a look at the nearby vineyards, but whatever you do, pull up a seat at Augusta Brewing Company for dinner. Plow through a couple pilsners, throw back a slab of ribs and order dessert ahead so you know you'll get a piece of the day's house-baked selection. Just think: The weekend may end tomorrow, but the ride is all downhill from here.

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