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Chameleon Creative

The world is an ever-changing, quickly paced collective of sentient receivers and reciprocating senders. Chameleon Creative ( not only understands this interactive exchange, they thrive on it. Since 1999, they have won three NJAADC awards, for poster design, interactive design and best new talent. They have two Addys for their Metropolitan Design & Building ( and Super Smokers ( sites. Their own site was Macromedia's Site of the Day for Feb. 23, and they've won coveted Flashforward film-festival awards: Best Sound this year -- the only Midwest-based firm to even place -- and a finalist last year. Their work suggests technical agility and an intuitiveness in design that are hard enough to achieve separately. "Basically, we have two different teams here," says Jeff Stein, creative director, who, together with technology director Tom Tham, owns Chameleon. "But we always have both working on each individual project. One is your technology team, and the other is your creative team." Though the art and Flash filmwork have earned the design house international acclaim, Stein underscores the importance of an adept tech squad to modern graphic design. "The technology staff provides the foundation that we build our creativity on. They line out the technical specifications, browser compatibility -- what our options are, what's our most viable alternative. They essentially provide us an overview of what technology is available, what technology will be accepted by the target demographic," says Stein. "They provide all of the code that supports our artwork." Knowledge. Talent. Teamwork. "I wouldn't be anywhere else," says Stein. "I wouldn't even consider it."
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