Best Weathercaster

Steve Templeton

In a land known for extremes in weather (and extreme swings in weather), it's important to have a television newscaster who can deliver the meteorological news and distill what information is of concern to the public. This is where Steve Templeton, chief meteorologist at KMOV (Channel 4), shines. When tornados whip up in the Midwest every spring, we can turn to Templeton's sweet, Tom Cruise-ish face and perfect teeth to comfort us in times of distress, and that's reassuring if a tornado is about to eat you. Also, Templeton doesn't mess around. His words feel sincere, and he doesn't seem to play up panic like other local weathercasters. We need to trust our weatherpeople, or it becomes a Boy Who Cried Wolf situation. When Templeton says, "Go get in your basement," or, "Stay away from windows," heed the warning. It really is time.

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