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Chris Higgins

Chris Higgins may not be able to fight the weather, but he can — and did — fight the Internet. Back in February the KTVI (Channel 2) weathercaster underestimated a forecast, and "a dusting of snow" turned out to be four inches. The Internet collectively called him out on the mistake, and Higgins publicly admitted he got it wrong. But some were accusing the usually mild-mannered meteorologist of intentionally lying to his viewers about the level of snowfall. That caused a high-pressure system of angry, righteous indignation to sweep across Higgins, who penned a Facebook post to "all the haters," writing that he was doing so "at the risk of getting in trouble but I feel it necessary to defend my integrity." Higgins then asked his critics: Did they or did they not know it would snow that night? "What I DID GET WRONG...BUT WAS CLOSER THAN ANY OTHER FORECAST IN TOWN...where [sic] the amounts." This frank missive earned Higgins a shower of likes and shares, thousands of them filled with messages of appreciation for the man, his craft and two the decades he has spent doing it. With a few keystrokes — and a tap of the caps-lock — Higgins managed to turn the digital cold front right around. Now that's a weatherman with moxie.

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