Best Weathercaster

Cindy Preszler

Ah, the plight of the weathercaster. Is there a job more criticized by members of the general public? None of you even know how radar works or what barometric pressure is, yet you think you can forecast the weather. Ha! You couldn't do it! You would look like an idiot in front of that green screen. The best weathercasters make it look so easy that watching them feels like a gentle spring breeze. Meteorologist Cindy Preszler, of KSDK-TV (Channel 5), is one of those experienced weathercasters. She still brings it with each forecast. She even actively solicits questions from you, the public, through her "Ask Cindy" feature, and she educates us all by answering some of these queries online and on TV. Not only that, but this Cardinals fan tweets the occasional forecast for home games, along with other weatherly topics (see And she blogs, too (via the KSDK website)! A commitment to weather like Cindy's doesn't come along very often. And so we honor it with this token of our esteem.

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