Best Weathercaster

Chris Higgins

In these modern times, weather predicting is more than just licking a finger and checking out the sky. There is hi-tech equipment involved with this job, along with a little luck (let's be honest). Not only does this city need someone who can translate all that fancy technology into plain English, but St. Louisans really want a local person to give them their five-day forecast, someone who knows all about the flooding and the big snowstorm and everything. Chris Higgins fits the bill on the aforementioned criteria and more. Big Hig is a born-and-raised St. Louisan and a veteran of the airwaves (he's been on FOX since 1994), and he's also a U.S. Air Force reservist who, according to his work blog, was deployed for several months this summer "to provide weather support for operations in both Iraq and Afghanistan." Seriously, this guy is one heck of a weathercaster: He even got to brief General Petraeus on weather conditions! So, dear St. Louisans, he's more than qualified to update you.

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