Best Weathercaster

Mike Roberts

If you were to date KSDK-TV's Mike Roberts, you might describe him as a nice guy who, after a few drinks, really loosens up and tells slightly off-color jokes with punch lines like, "Now that's what I call an Alberta clipper!" or "No, I said "dew' point." He has the demeanor of a well-liked college professor, one who would be the faculty sponsor of the Meteorology Club. If the two of you were out to dinner, he'd probably use a napkin to illustrate an area of high pressure moving in over your mashed potatoes or maybe pour creamer in black coffee to teach you about the formation of cumulus clouds. And if it started to rain during your after-dinner stroll, he'd pop open his Channel 5 logo umbrella, make sure you stayed dry and apologize for the precip, saying he'd change the weather if he could. And you'd really, really believe him.
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